I am ME


The only one of my kind
The undisputed champion
I’m the one you need find
If you’re not gazing for presumption

I’m the megaphone of my world
The gateway to success
The daredevil of love
The pioneer of my Highness

The panoramic view of paradise
Exalted the beauty of black
A paradigm of high class
Dominate like a spark

I am the synecdoche of mighty
The metaphor of wonder
The personification of Christianity
And simile of thunder


I am Kenechukwu Nwadiogbu

Twitter: @nkbillion
Facebook: Kbillion Kenz
Blackberry: 2A387142
Instagram: @kbillion
Email: nkbillion@yahoo.com / nkbillion@gmail.com


The Illusional Transition (Part 2)

I am a concentrated example of an unprecedented happening
A pertilent pioneer of this perturbed imaging
The world I dwell’s like a labyrinth without prevaricating
What a lackluster event, the one I’m unsure of its actuality

The wake up call from my mother wasn’t an imagination, I thought
It just solved this puzzling *****foot so easily than I fought
It was my unswerving hope, the only possibility I wasn’t lost
The eulogy I was evocating to seek at all cost

Unfortunately, there was one heinous problem, I’m still in this world of regret
Immediately like the environment had knowledge of what happened, obtained ethereal etiquette
The sea still, noise extinct, trees quiet, and air cleansed like they all mocked my every attempt
I could only wait and believe something good would evolve out of this context

Nothing occurred!! Totally bereft, I unintentionally fell down flat
This mediocre action miraculously gave me that
That which I’ve unwavering dreamed of arriving at
I was back to my world like my life had just hit the restart

Opening my eyes, gratified to be out, met one mysterious confusion
I was restrained in a lab with medics and seemingly pedantic relations
Suddenly, I was thrown off league when they pronounce this…. Not a dream but an illusion
“It was a test”, my mum said, “You passed it”. She called it the “ILLUSIONAL TRANSITION”

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