The Illusional Transition (Part 2)

I am a concentrated example of an unprecedented happening
A pertilent pioneer of this perturbed imaging
The world I dwell’s like a labyrinth without prevaricating
What a lackluster event, the one I’m unsure of its actuality

The wake up call from my mother wasn’t an imagination, I thought
It just solved this puzzling *****foot so easily than I fought
It was my unswerving hope, the only possibility I wasn’t lost
The eulogy I was evocating to seek at all cost

Unfortunately, there was one heinous problem, I’m still in this world of regret
Immediately like the environment had knowledge of what happened, obtained ethereal etiquette
The sea still, noise extinct, trees quiet, and air cleansed like they all mocked my every attempt
I could only wait and believe something good would evolve out of this context

Nothing occurred!! Totally bereft, I unintentionally fell down flat
This mediocre action miraculously gave me that
That which I’ve unwavering dreamed of arriving at
I was back to my world like my life had just hit the restart

Opening my eyes, gratified to be out, met one mysterious confusion
I was restrained in a lab with medics and seemingly pedantic relations
Suddenly, I was thrown off league when they pronounce this…. Not a dream but an illusion
“It was a test”, my mum said, “You passed it”. She called it the “ILLUSIONAL TRANSITION”

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The Tragic Delight

Quiet and listen!!! I ordered myself
Focus and watch!!! My brain coded to my cells
Ponder and wonder!!! Was the obdurate melody of my sense
But no one could evolve a meaning out of these paranormal scenes

I could hear the ambling onomatopoeia performed by the air
I could feel the impetuous rustle it made to dispel
I could smell the pervasive aroma that got me compelled
But my sight was blinded by an unassailable light dispersed

“Am I lost?” was the one question prickling my every concentration
I ran deep into the shadows of a transcendental meditation
The past began to swim in, assisting my mental construction
Finally I remembered… I was a victim of an accidental demolition

Instantly, the air raged and trembled like an avalanche
The light evolved a path like it led me to a destination of no existence
My remembrance was a password that dispelled the intruding play of these disturbance
Then I saw something! Something beyond my resistance

A step I saw; coated with the most precious of gemstones begging for my flight
A door I saw; its beauty greatly undefined, seductively capturing my every sight
This scenery brought me to one conclusion, the one I tried to fight
It was heaven’s doorway… What a tragic delight

I gallantly moved towards the door with soldier’s steps
Worried on the actuality I was a member of the doleful death
Hoping on the certification that behind the door held no regret
On my strife for the handle, woke up with my seemingly worried parents on a hospital bed

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The Illusional Transition (Part 1)

SILENCE!! The sea screams with rampage
The air combating with feaces and garbage
The sound of beasts rattling like victory over carnage
What a world, so sooty the atmosphere with great rage

Where am I? I could hear the voices of silence
The shores so deserted, dressing like imaging of great tense
The argument between the trees was the only scenery with real sense
I was in a world ready to devour me with her pretense

My mind ran so fast to overcome this anonymous mistake
My body automatically became a member of field marshals, planning an escape
My archaic shoes began to imitate the awesome speed of the cheetah’s display
But the world was so smart to counter my reactions and leave me dismay

Suddenly, my emotions were welcomed with a strange but familiar noise
The sound jumped into my bereft brain and identified these words
W-A-K-E U-P!!! It was the exalting salutation of my mother’s voice
Was this a dream? My mind unrest with the possible certainty of this invoice

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My Astonishing Love


I Love You

I Love You

I cannot begin to expound this breathtaking damsel
Grossly beyond definition, synonymous to a priceless parcel
An embodiment of perfection, fashioned with the master pencil
Dominator of her peers, born to exceed the greatest counsel

A baron to beauty, the synopsis of impressing
Her face, so precious a crystal, immoderately dazzling
Her eye’s like a sunrise at twilight, stunning and mystifying
Her voice, sonorous and mystique, fabulous and arresting

She’s a masterpiece, kick-starting the hearts of many at toll
Features actions that dance to the hidden language of the soul
Her words are like rain drops, piercing into the fabrics of minds, modifying roles
And her love, the humiliating wonder that I shall continue to extol

Instantaneously, she could be an inane trouble maker
A complete and elaborate example of a truculent overtaker
Unleashing the influx of a pestering disorder
Still, her heart vociferously overrules the purest of waters

She’s my invaluable jewel, my love for her is abundant
My inevitable achievement, every other girl made redundant
My incandescent comforter, I’m truly highly exuberant
My incontrovertible blessing, yesterday, today, and constant

I’m Awesome

Am I awesome or not
I drive around in my Mum’s ride
I talk to my self on my Facebook wall
And I met all my friends online

I am so awesome with no buts
No one cares, no body calls
A quarter of my life gone by
And I still sit on my childhood’s couch

Feel my awesomeness
Because lyrically, I’m not the best
I got the swagger of a crippled
And I’m getting fatter in the middle

You can also be very awesome
If you can’t man up
If you have dandruff
If you drink light bear
And if you got small pox

PS: If you like this, It’s because my little sister wrote it 😉

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The Irony Of My Dream

I can see the dream I’m dreaming
It’s so beautiful, so alleviating
It’s the alliteration of everything compelling
It’s an epitome of petulant imaging

It’s me metamorphosing into greatness
Bearing the trophy of poetry highness
I can feel the gaiety on my success
And the scenery of my upliftment

But it’s only a dream, not reality
It’s just a film in my head, not an actuality
It’s the absolute notion of melancholy
The maestro of maudlin deformity

It’s a prototype of an implicit onerous display
A melodrama that reclines on a fairy tale
The model of an unswerving galling replay
Like a pungent smell, unwanted but makes it’s way

I can’t triumph over over-lords of the pen
I can’t defeat the dominating combatants of content
I can’t outsmart the ten over tens
I just can’t win this contest

But I CAN do one thing
Dream of my WIN

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The Prodigious Woman

Tic tac! Tic tac! Time flies
Encompassing fears and tribulations, she smiles
A second’s like a gemstone before her eyes
Trying to please the World before the night cries
What a prodigious woman

Mother of my mother
Without prevaricating, the astonishing wonder
Among many, she dominates like thunder
Made a name that no man can put asunder
What a prodigious woman

Round the globe and down to Enugu city
Protects her children with love and ferocity
Her achievements soaring the greatest mountain
And her exquisite body that makes men hunting
What a prodigious woman

So tremendous
Extraordinarily gorgeous
Precisely adventurous
Extremely dexterous
Really fabulous
Truly marvelous
Gallantly fantabulous
Finally prodigious

What a PRODIGIOUS woman